Technomania Circus teams up with
Chronos Theatre Group to present

Cabaret au Balcon

One Night in Paris 1939

Who would you have been in Paris 1939? Come to the Cabaret Au Balcon as we travel back in time to the eve of the Second World War, when Paris was a hotbed of artists, musicians, writers, dancers, philosophers, spies, revolutionaries -- and lovers!

Chronos Theatre Group and Technomania Circus present Cabaret Au Balcon, an interactive time-travel nightclub event, at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center on Saturday, January 24th from 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. $10 tickets, with a full bar (21 and older).

Enjoy the Art Deco glamour and hot jazz as cabaret acts and live music entertain you throughout the night. Audience members can get involved with the French Resistance and help to expose the Nazi spy in a secret interactive game. Come in costume or rent accessories at the theater, and choose a character to really experience the era as if you were there!

You can purchase tickets in advance at or at the door. Email or call (619) 356-1492 for more information or to make reservations.


Saturday January 24th, 8pm to midnight at Tenth Avenue Arts Center

Tickets are $10

more info and tickets at

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